Holy Cross Fraternity, OFS

About the Secular Fransicans

“GOD CALLS ALL OF US TO HOLINESS! And no! None of us has achieved it yet, but we strive together to get a little closer! The Franciscan Family, and the Secular Franciscan Order specifically, is one of the ways that God has given us to not only figure out what this call means, but to become closer to holiness together!

We are not a club, solidarity or a prayer group. We are a recognized “Secular Order” sanctioned by Papal authority, organized canonically, and called to follow Jesus by following Saint Francis in our secular state. We are part of the Saint Katharine Drexel Region, which is part of the larger Order of Franciscan Secular (OFS) which is part of the Franciscan Family!

We are men and women, single and married, young and not so young and diocesan clergy, all with one common desire – to know and serve God, each other and our communities. We strive together to live by the “Secular Franciscan Rule.

Our Spiritual Father, Saint Francis, said: “Go and preach the Gospel to all creatures … If necessary, use words!” We do this by growing together in the life and spirituality of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. We study, pray, work and play together as much as possible in order to be witnesses to Christ and his Church.

We pray that God will add brothers and sisters to our fraternity who want to seek and serve God with us. For more information, visit our website here.

Peace and Good Be With You!
The Holy Cross Fraternity, OFS

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