General Information

St. Joseph of the Panther Valley’s Cemeteries:  Located in Summit Hill: St. Joseph’s (Old), St. Joseph’s (New – Bloomingdale), St. Michael’s (Old & New), SS. Peter & Paul.                                                                                                Located in Nesquehoning: Gate of Heaven, Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Sacred Heart & St. Patrick’s

In case of emergency or for any questions about the cemetery, as well as burial privilege space sales, please call the office of the Superintendent of Cemeteries at  570-645-2664 option 3 .

If you need direction to any of these locations, please click on the cemetery name that drops down from the main cemetery box.


Cemetery Rules

Cemetery hours are from *Dawn to Dusk.*          NO TRESPASSING after dusk.

  1. Please place only flowers on the graves. All other things such as toys and other misc. items are prohibited (on the ground surrounding the marker.) Plastic flowers must be in vases. “Planting” of plastic flowers and any type of shrubs (real or created) is prohibited and will be removed and discarded immediately.
  2. Decorations placed on the ground in front of marker are limited to; 1-floral arrangement, 1-veterans flag in veteran flag holder, 1-vigil light (candle or solar). Other items may be placed on the marker out of the cut line for the grounds keeper.
  3. No glass containers or alcohol containers of any kind are permitted in the cemetery at any time.
  4. All vases will be inverted between November 15th and April 15th.
  5. For safety reasons, no metal stakes or large metal nails are to be used anywhere on the graves.
  6. All work of any kind; lawn or other is prohibited without prior approval.
  7. Dump only in designated areas.
  8. No pets allowed.
  9. ATV’s or other recreational vehicles of any kind are not permitted on cemetery grounds.
  10. Semi-annual clean-up is April 15th and November 15th “weather permitting.” Please remove ALL items you wish to maintain from the cemetery, items may be replaced after May 1st and December 1st. All items of any kind remaining on the graves after April 15th and November 15th will be discarded.

* Please note: For the Clean ups – Out of Season items will be discarded if they are left on graves after the dates. For the Spring cleanup – Easter Items will not be removed.